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Sean Farrell

Sean Farrell is a nationally recognized and highly collected artist. He is known for his vivid and luminous oil paintings. With collectors of his paintings throughout the country and in parts of Europe, the artist is represented by five galleries in the United States. He has sold well over 500 paintings and has earned a living from the sales of his work for over 20 years.

To study and evolve his art, the artist chose to travel extensively throughout Italy and also to various regions of Europe over attending art school. The artist has studied and learned from the great master works in the history of art. His paintings reveal his affection for the 17 th century Italian and Dutch painters, while still remaining truly unique.

Walk into any gallery in the country where his paintings are displayed, and one will instantly recognize his works on the walls”,

says retired gallery owner Rick Willoughby of the former Willoughby’s Fine Art Gallery.

Mr. Farrell’s works are distinctive for their elegant and graceful compositions, his rich jewel like color, and his masterful use of light”,

says Reggie Levine retired gallery owner of the former Main Street Gallery of Nantucket . His works reveal a master’s touch and a sense of quiet ease.

Internationally, the artist has exhibited at the Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy. NY ARTS Magazine covered that exhibition and in their published review gave the following praise to the works of Sean Farrell:

Works deserving special attention was Sean Farrell’s exquisitely painted flower and fruit arrangements. Eye-catching with his use of dramatically bold colors mixed with delicate detail in a very modern old-master style.”

Rome, Florence, Naples, Sicily and Tuscany have been favorite destinations for the artist. In his most recent art travel, sent to Italy by a Washington DC area collector of his art works, the artist spent a month painting on location in Cinque Terre and throughout the Ligurian region of Italy. He really enjoyed the light, colors, and the landscape he found in this region of Italy. Italy has always been and remains a large inspiration and influence in the artist’s work.

Of Additional notable mention; The artist has received numerous commissions, and does takes on selected commissions. If interested please inquire within the gallery. His most recent commission of note; is from the Boston Harbor Hotel, where six of his paintings can now be seen inside The Meritage Wine Bar within the hotel : The Northeast CT Artist Guild has bestowed upon Farrell a gift of a lifetime membership to its Guild : the Copley Society of Art presented the John Singleton Copley Award winner to the artist. This is the highest award given by the Copley Society. It is given in recognition of an artist’s supreme skill and for their dedication and commitment. He has also been awarded achievement as a Copley Master. He has received 3 Copley Patrons Choice awards in all 3 of their Patron choice exhibits. The Florence Biennale in Florence, Italy has offered a lifetime invitation to participate their exhibits : The Slater Museum in Norwich, Connecticut exhibited and awarded the artist, and also published his work in American Artist Magazine. Thank you for your interest.

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