Exhibitions 2019

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Sail into Summer Show

Annual Group Memorial Day Show: Paul Beebe, ASMA, Linda Besse, Teek Eaton-Koch, Nick Paciorek, Jill  McLaughlin, Adam Waimon, Joanne Ponzo, Rick Fleury, Pepe Conley, Jennifer McCurdy, John Holladay, Adair Peck, Donna Blackburn, Kate Huntington and Theresa Girard.

Show Dates: May 23 - July 23
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 25, from 5 to 7pm

Nancy Furino

Join us for First Friday, June 7, from 4 to 8pm

Deborah T. Colter

The gallery welcomes Martha's Vineyard based abstract artist, Deborah T. Colter. 

Join us for First Friday, July 5, from 5 to 7pm

Christie Scheele

Join us for First Friday and meet Christie Scheele
Friday, July 5, from 4 to 8pm
Coffee & Conversation
Sunday, July 7, from 10 to 11am

Colors & Textures of Summer

Celebrate summer on the Vineyard with an array of colorful new works by gallery artists; Peggy Turner Zablotny, Suzanne Hill, Nick Paciorek, Theresa Girard, Pepe Conley, and Peter Batchelder

Show Dates: July 25 - August 21
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 27, from 5 to 7pm
Live Music

Coffee & Demo with Theresa Girard
Friday, July 26, from 10 to 11am

Beebe & Huntington

View new works by Paul Beebe - ASMA, Kate Huntington, Jill McLaughlin and Curt Hoard. View new jewelry by Francesca Lewis Kennedy and others. 

Meet Kate Huntington, Paul Beebe and Jill McLaughlin

Friday, August 2, from 4 to 7pm
Live Music

Abstract Artís Unlimited Boundaries

12th Annual Invitational Group Show - One Week Pop Up Show

Michaele Christian, Terri Dilling, Bricque Garber, Roberta Gross, Martha Mae Jones, Louisa Gould, Chetta Kelley, Heather Sommers, and Tachina Rudman Young

Show Dates: August 22 - August 28
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 24, from 5 to 7pm
Live Music

Ann Mallory & John Holladay

Join us for a First Friday Art Stroll
View works by new gallery artist Ann Mallory and long time gallery artist John Holladay.

Friday, September 6, from 4 to 7pm

Sissy Yates Designs Trunk Show

Fabulous affordable jewelry by Sissy Yates Designs

Saturday, September 21, from 1 to 6pm
Refreshments will be served

Felicia Murray - Book Signing & Exhibit

Join us for a book signing for 'Edges of Time' and a Black & White
photography exhibit of works by Felicia Murray

Show Dates: September 25 - October 9
Opening Reception: Saturday, September 28, from 3 to 5pm

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