The Holiday Show
November 17th – December 24th
Reception Friday November 24th 5:00-7:00pm
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(Vineyard Haven, MA) Louisa Gould Gallery is delighted to host the second annual Holiday Show “Small Wonders and Wildlife Art”. 12 artists work decorate the gallery with new work. 7 of these artists are new the gallery. Steve London, Bill Jewett’s, Janet Messenio, Nathan Shepard, William Blaksely, Edward Stanton and Jeanne Campbell. In addition to new works by Gray Park, Howard Park, Traeger di Pietro, Tamar Russell and Marston Clough.

Steve London’s one of a kind Gyotaku prints delights the eyes. Steve a doctor but finds time to bring his catch of the day to life with this ancient Japanese art form. Steve studied Gyotaku with a master printer at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center on Maui, learning to use traditional materials and methods in creating these fish (“gyo’) impressions (“tahku”). The Gyotaku form grew to follow function where this method of allowing the fisherman to document the ‘one that didn’t get away’ today flourishes as a respected art form. Steve uses the “Direct Technique” in which nontoxic inks are brushed directly onto the fish, which is then rubbed onto natural paper of fabric. The long fibers for the ‘rice’ paper give the strength and moisture tolerance necessary for Guyotaku, while the process creates stretches and wrinkles. Adhering strictly to the traditional form, the image is unretouched after printing, save for the hand-painted fisheye. Red, green, blue and sparkled paper adds life to the Strippers, Starfish, Bluefish, Bonitos and other sea life in various sizes.

Robert Jewett is a professor of ceramics in Minneapolis and splits his time between there and Vineyard Haven. Bill showcases his talent with six pieces range from plates, to bowls to jars with various glazes. New to ceramics is “waste oil firing’, which is both beneficial for the environment and the artist pocketbook producing beautiful pieces.

Janet Messineo of Vineyard Haven extraordinary wildlife art is displayed with two larger sculptures (one of a “Stripper at Dawn” and “School of Scup”). In addition to several smaller “Fish Tales” and precious minnow pins in a range of colors. Janet, a trained taxidermist, has provided her works to many celebrities and a former president. Her work is in 36 states and a handful of countries. Janet is very well known in fishing circles, she has written about the sport of fishing for many publications and her 30 years of fishing has been chronicled in “Reading the Water, written by Robert Post, 1988 and “On the Run”, by David BiBeneedeto, 2003. Janet is also a member of the Martha’s Vineyard Stripped Bass and Bluefish Derby Committee and a Former President of the M.V. Surfcasters Association. “I have an unending love and immense respect for the Stripped Bass. I hope this feeling shows in my artwork. Every fish that I begin with is unique in it’s own way resulting in each piece being one of a kind.”

Nathan Shepard of the Vineyard “Silence on the Pond” representational oil on canvas evokes a quiet morning on Menemsha pond. Nathan has studied at the Museum School and Cooper Union. Nathan enjoys both mural painting and landscape painting.

William Blakesley, now 85 and a year round resident, shares his range of talent from watercolor, serigraph and an oil painting, capturing children and mothers. Although a native of Columbus Ohio, Bill has been a staple of the island portrait scene since the 1950’s. Bill used to own a gallery on Circuit Ave and now works out of his Oak Bluffs studio/home. Blakesley’s work has been recognized nationally and exhibited across the country. Many awards have come his way, including the Roulet Medal, the Erdis Robinson Prize in oil, both portrait and graphics prizes at the Columbus Art League shows, prizes awarded by Ohio Print Makers, Boston Printmakers and the Ohio Watercolor Society. Blakesley’s work is included in collections of the Toledo Museum of Fine Arts and the Columbus Gallery of Fine Art, both at which he has had one man shows. Many of his works have found homes in private collections around the world.

Edward Stanton’s two black and white photographs from the 60’s and 70’s provide historical reference to patriotism and celebrity, Vietnam War and Dennis Hopper.

Summer resident and photographer, Jeanne Campbell, two color digital photographs of the Islander at Dawn and up-island refection provide peaceful moments of island life. Jeanne studied photography at the International Center of Photography in New York City and shows her photography in both New Jersey and Boston.

In contrast to his large canvases, Gray Park has several small oils that are miniature versions of his large vineyards capes. Howard Park’s new oils in 6x8 and 8x10 sizes that capture the landscape colors of fall. Marston Clough six new small abstract landscape oils elicit vineyard days in the off- season. Traeger di Pietro’s acrylics on board depicts “Clamdiggers” and the “Vineyard Haven Landscape” in pleasing green and blue tones and hues. While Tamar Russell’s vibrant oranges and red “Burning Bush” paintings complement the show.

Also on view are oils by Jules Worthington, furniture by Stephen Hart, half hulls by Mark Sutherland, Line drawings by Nat Benjamin, acrylics by Clesiane Guimarcies & limited edition photography, photo-impressionism and smaller gifts by Louisa Gould.
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