Exhibitions 2021

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Surf and Sail: Martha's Vineyard Annual Maritime Exhibit

2nd Annual Showcase of nationally recognized maritime painters; Leonard Mizerek Fellow ASMA, Paul Beebe ASMA, Larry Johnston ASMA, Anthony Davis ASMA, Barbara Maiser AMSA, Donna Nyzio ASMA, Charles Fran Kenney ASMA, Frauke Klatt, James Magner ASMA, Aleta Steward, Louisa Gould, and Jane McGraw-Teubner PSA. 

September 8 - November 1 
(note works are being added to the online exhibit)

New Works for Late Summer

New works by Alexandra Averbach, Theresa Girard, Robert Stickloon, Peter Batchelder, Larry Johnston ASMA, Adair Peck, Pepe Conley and more

August 22 - September 30

Midsummer Show

New Works by Gallery Artists: Theresa Girard, Donna Nyzio, Paul Beebe ASMA, Linda Besse, Peter Batchelder and more

July 31 - September 30

July 31, 5-6pm Meet & Greet Paul Beebe
August 6, 4-7pm Meet & Greet Linda Besse

Icons of Summer Show

New works by Linda Besse, Robert Stickloon, Kate Huntington, David Whitbeck, Rick Fleury, Wooley Dutton and Peggy Turner Zablotny

Show Dates: July 1 - September 30
Opening Reception: Friday, July 2, from 4 to 7pm
(Note this is during Vineyard Haven 1st Friday event and is a casual open house)

Summer Kick Off Show

Annual Memorial Day Group Show: Nick Paciorek, Larry Johnston ASMA, Deborah T. Colter, Peter Batchelder, Christie Scheele, Paul Beebe ASMA, Pepe Conley, and John Holladay. 

Show Dates: June 1 - September 30

Leonard Mizerek, Fellow ASMA

Welcome Len Mizerek, Fellow ASMA, to the Louisa Gould Gallery 

June 1 - August 31

Susan Evans

Welcome British painter, Susan Evans, to the Louisa Gould Gallery. 

June 1  - September 30

Summer Small Works

New small affordable works by Brian Arthur, Adair Peck, Stephen Engley, Donna Blackburn, Rick Fleury, Paul Beebe ASMA, Deborah T. Colter, Kate Huntington, Ann Rohzon, Christie Scheele, Anne Grandin, and Jack Yuen

June 15 - September 15

Suzanne Hill Ceramics

New selection of saggar fired ceramics

July 1 - October 1 

Nancy Furino (1928-2020)

Selection of oil paintings by Nancy Furino (1928-2020)

Show Dates: July 24 - September 24

New Works for Spring

New Works by Paul Beebe, Rick Fleury, Donna Nyzio, John Holladay, Wooley Dutton, and others. The gallery is open daily 11-5pm. You many also view via FaceTime.

Figures: Flow and Form

New works by Kate Huntington, Adair Peck, Pepe Conley, Wooley Dutton, Louisa Gould and Jack Yuen

Abstracts Abound: Artist in Residence Show

New abstract works by AIR residents: Britt Bair, Terri Dilling, Wooley Dutton, Louisa Gould, Casey Matthews, Vickie Marsango, Garnet Reardon, and Rhenda Saporito

Michaele Christian

Featured Artist for February 2021

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