Thaw Malin, Stephen Hart ,Nathan Shepard & Karen English-Malin
Opening Reception Friday August 24th from 5-8pm
Show Dates August 23rd to September 6th
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PRESS RELEASE ( Marthaís Vineyard) The Louisa Gould Gallery is delighted to announce a group show of island artists highlighting Thaw Malinís new oil paintings, Karen-English Malinís one of a kind jewelry, Nathan Shepardís oil paintings and Stephen Hartís island made furniture. The show will open on Friday August 24th, with an opening reception that evening from 5 to 7pm. The show will run until Thursday September 6th at 5:30pm.

According to Thaw Malin; The Louisa Gould Gallery exhibition celebrates the three subjects, which have enchanted me from the beginning of my painting career: flowers, landscapes and still lives.

Flowers have been the center of attention in a major portion of my work to the point of being portraits of individual blossoms. In this show, three small flower portraits contrast against three huge portraits. The small ones were painted within the last year while the large ones reach from the present to 2004 exemplifying my exuberance of the flower motif and my evolving style.

Landscape has forever been the mainstay of my painted subjects. Whether a seascape or a farm scene, the act of painting on location, outside has the highest priority for me. This show is mostly present day pieces with an early seascape added for some past flavor .

Still life is an on again off again pleasure. The ones on view here are of current vintage, small, sweet and full. They capture the essence of the fruit and the moment .

After an MFA in painting from the University of Georgia, Thaw spent 3 decades living and painting on Martha's Vineyard, MA. Mostly, he painted plein air watercolors of flowers and landscapes. In the mid 1990ís he switched to oils on canvas. Staying true to his plein air roots he began creating with oil sticks. Quickly moving on to oil paints in an impressionist, pointillist style with palette knife, he now paints from life with brush and a limited palette in a direct manner. In 2005 he moved to Texas where he has been exploring his newly adopted state through his paintings. Landscapes and flowers are favorite subjects, and his repertoire has widened to include still life and portraiture.
On Marthaís Vineyard he is represented by The Louisa Gould Gallery.

In addition to Thaw the gallery welcomes his wife, Karen English-Malinís one of a kind jewelry. Karen exquisitely hand crafted pieces have pearls, sapphires with 18kt gold and sterling silver.

Karen English-Malin came to Marthaís Vineyard in 1979 to pursue a career as a baker and pastry chef. This passion captivated her for twenty years on the island. As well as in New York, Santa Fe and in Mexico.

She has taken inspiration from the art and people she has met during her
travels and in 2001 enrolled in the jewelry program at the North Bennett
Street School in the North End of Boston. It is a trade school highly
renowned for itís preservation of traditional crafts and artistry. It is now
through her jewelry that she has found her true expression.

On exhibit at the Louisa Gould Gallery is her exclusive mariners line in gold and silver. The double strand mariners chain with an anchor clasp is one of Karenís favorite designs. The curved bars have a flattering drape and the anchor clasp is the focal point with precious gemstones.

For the opening on Friday night, Karen will be present to show the mariners line and will also have the newest 18 karat gold and cord designs.

Islander Stephen Hart showcases his line of fine hand crafted furniture; including coffee tables, end tables, dining room tables and Brazilian granite coffee tables and ship chests, in mahogny, teak and white ash.

Having been born into the Stanley Tool company being a seventh generation woodworker, Stephen grew up with a great assortment of wood working tools and soon developed a passion for creating beautiful works of wood. He then continued his education with woodworking in high school taking as many classes as possible to learn the basics before graduating. After 18 years of summering in Chilmark and Hart Haven, Stephen moved to Martha's Vineyard Island in 1982 to continue his interests with furniture, cabinetry and boat building. He first did a 2 year apprenticeship with Gannon and Benjamin boat builders constructing the 40 foot gaff rigged sloop "Liberty". He then continued on to work under the direction of John Thayer furniture, Edward Galla and Larry Hepler, where he learned to design and build heirloom furniture which would be passed down generation after generation.

Nathan Shepard displays a large representational oil painting of the Vineyard Haven Harbor, depicting the working harbor in dramatic lighting. Nathan studied at the Museum School and Cooper Union. Nathan enjoys both mural painting and landscape painting.

Concurrently running with this new show is the Denys Wortman (1887-1958) famous cartoons and oil paintings from the early 1900ís and Jules Worthingtonís oil paintings Show until August 27th. This is the first gallery show since 1958 of Denys Wortmans work. Denyís son will be at the reception to discuss his fatherís lifetime of art.

Also on view is a new selection of photographs by Jeanne Campbell featuring maritime images from around the world.

The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main St. Vineyard Haven. The gallery is open daily from 10:30am to 5:30pm and weekend evenings. The show is also available to preview online at Please contact the gallery at (508) 693.7373 with any questions.

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