'Vineyard Painting' Donna Blackburn, Lynette Goric, Caryn King & Chris Pendergast
Show Dates June 26th to July 9th
Artist Reception Friday June 27 from 5-7pm
Live Music

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What: Artist Reception for "Vineyard Painting"
When: Friday June 27th 5-7pm
Where: Louisa Gould Gallery 54 Main Vineyard Haven, MA
Contact: (508) 693.7373- louisa.gould@gmail.com

PRESS RELEASE: (Martha's Vineyard) The "Vineyard Painting" show opens on Friday, June 27th, with an Artists' Reception from 5 - 7pm. Please welcome Lynette Goric to the gallery. Her beautiful, lightly-crafted seascapes are luminous and inviting. Complementing Lynette's waves and seashore are unique portraits of buoys by Christopher Pendergast. The gorgeous seashell paintings on masonite by Donna Blackburn complete the seashore theme. Caryn King's farm animals remind us of inland Island treasures.

The painting exhibit will show through July 10th.

Donna M. Blackburn.

"I have always enjoyed drawing, painting, and being creative in general. Besides my natural art interests, I had a dedicated public school art teacher (Joseph Rapoza) in Fairhaven, who made sure I had a good art foundation. My parents sent me to the Swain School of Design in New Bedford for extra weekly instruction, and by the time I graduated from high school, I was looking forward to attending the Art Institute of Boston for more intensive art training. My success as an artist was later fueled by viewing what other artists have done.Their technique and artistic approach to subject matter helped me branch out and eventually develop my own style.

"Details are intriguing to me, and I think this collection of art work is a good cross section of some of the subjects I enjoy painting. The lovely surroundings of the Vineyard offer subject matter both large and small.--from a sunny day's view of sailboats cutting through the ocean waters to the fine details of sea shells touched by a "moment of light". ."I found the subtle lighting of the pear trios on malakite and the apple and bittersweet autumnal still lifes, to offer new painting challenges, and the teacup still life found me tackling the intricasies of painting old lace. Though each painting is a pleasant challenge, it is also teaching me to look a little closer and try a little harder to capture that subtle color change and the detail in that moment."

Christopher Pendergast

"Growing up as a foreigner in Europe I became aware of the difference between how I perceived myself and how others defined me. Television shows such as Dallas and Dynasty often had more influence on how I was perceived than my own actions. These stereotypes led me to examine the subjective nature of perception. My work explores the inherent conflict between simple objects or scenes and the complex perception that personal experience brings to a subject.

"I bring my own perception of the subject to my work through the use of highly representative and heavily abstracted elements. At first glance, the literal elements of the paintings are most significant. Upon further reflection, the role of the abstract components in providing context for those literal elements becomes clear. The expressive nature of the abstract exists in contrast to the representative facets of my work. The act of resolving this tension between the literal and abstract is a symbolic exploration of the relationship between the subjective and objective aspects of perception. My paintings are the visual record of the complex internal dialogue that exists throughout this process. The subject matter, my knowledge of art history, materials, technique, methodology, and my own narrative are all equivalent counterparts in this discourse.

"The nature of perception is further reflected throughout my creative process. Exhaustive photography of the subject allows for the creating of a collective perspective. As my internal dialogue develops, the highly flexible nature of oil paint allows me to keep the work vital. And while at times I still seek the liveliness of canvas or linen, the precision of a uniform surface such as archival panel maintains a consistent ground upon which to watch the finished work unfold."

Lynette Goric

For many years, Lynette Goric has found inspiration for her paintings in the natural beauty of Martha's Vineyard. "I try to capture the ocean's many moods, the magnificant sunsets, and the rural charm that is so abundant on the Vineyard."

Lynette Goric's paintings combine impressionism and tonalism to create a mood, bringing the viewer into their depth with emotion and serenity. Oceanscapes and dramatic skies capture the essence of Martha's Vineyard where Lynette has found inspiration for many years.

Caryn King

Caryn King raised her children in the Boston area, moved to the Vineyard, and now lives on a mountain in Vermont. Having lived year 'round in Vineyard Haven for eight years, Caryn was sorry to leave. "I loved being part of such a strong and welcoming community, but never got use to the boat! I think it is amazing that the essence of original country life remains on the Vineyard, given the amount of building and expansion that has taken place. Many of my paintings celebrate the beauty of the island and its (animal) occupants." Although Caryn has now traded the ocean for the mountains, she maintains a strong connection to the Island.

Caryn King is a narrative painter who began her artistic career with clay. After 14 years of making her living as a sculptor, intermingled with a few years earning her BFA in Illustration and stints as a toy designer and an art teacher, King came home to painting. "I always said I would paint someday if I could figure out what to put on the blank canvas," she explained. "Then I hit on it, and I have been painting non-stop ever since. I do this full time, seven days a week, and I love it."

As you would expect from a former clay artist, texture is very important to King's paintings. This feature is one of the things that allows her animal paintings to become intensely expressive without becoming sentimental. "I love the process of painting, the textures and effects the paint creates," she says. "Sometimes the drag of the brush and the layers of paint that show through are my primary goals." The paintings also emphasize a tactile appreciation of the animals themselves. "I love the beauty of the animals -- their texture and their fur," Caryn King says. She believes the animals that she paints reflect a peace that sometimes seems so elusive to humans.

Please join us to welcome these artists and view their Vineyard perspectives. The event is open to the public. Refreshments will be served. The show will also be online at www.louisagould.com. Please contact the gallery at (508) 693.7373 with any questions.

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