"Inspiration" Kate Huntington, Leslie S. Smith and Ellen Liman
Show Dates July 31st to August 14th
Artist Reception Friday August 1st, 5-7pm
Live Music by Don Groover
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54 Main Street

Vineyard Haven

(508) 693.7373

PRESS RELEASE: Louisa Gould Gallery is pleased to announce a new show, Inspiration. The show will feature the work of four talented artists.

Ellen Liman uses oils to present the very vivid personalities of sunflowers. Kate Huntington’s new works capture the lives of sets of dogs at play in the same unique way as in her portraits of people. And Leslie S. Smith has created sensuous pastels and oil of Vineyard shore scenes to remind us of this precious Island all through the year.

The show is on exhibit from Thursday, July 31st, until Thursday, August 14th. The artists’ reception will be held on Friday, August 1st, from 5 – 7 pm. Don Groover, a Berkley musician will play the guitar.

Ellen Liman has been painting on the Vineyard for more than twenty years. A graduate of Barnard College, she has also studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Student’s League, Columbia University, and the National Academy of Design.

Know for her color-filled canvasses, her paintings are in many private and corporate collections and in galleries. ART NEWS wrote: “Liman’s work honors nature in a most sophisticated manner. It escapes being decorative because of her confident brush stokes and careful composition. The strong connection between the artist and subject matter manifests itself in the vibrancy of her scenes and flowers.”

Ellen states about the local sunflowers “I am drawn to the movement and variety of sunflowers. I capture in oils the various shapes and the movement of the sunflower as it changes in its life cycle.”

Kate Huntington has been painting people since she was a teen. She studied at Rhode Island School of Design and has worked as a representational painter in the Providence, RI metropolitan area since 1976. Her work is shown in New England in galleries and museums and was featured in several distinguished books. She is a member of The Copley Society in Boston and runs figurative studio classes.

Ms. Huntington is an artist’s artist. Many seek her judgment and advice. She pursues a poetic vision with the stubbornness of Cezanne and has never hesitated to sacrifice whatever she needed to in the service of her work. The result is a quality of visual poetry and truth and a communication that is refreshing, comforting, and moving.

This is the second year Kate has shown at the gallery. She has crated another large, evocative wave painting that captures the motion of the waves and deposited ripples at the edge of the shore. In addition, with a series of nine new oils, Kate has transferred her traditional figurative style to canines, in all their various movements.

According to Kate, “Normally, I’m a painter of people, in particular, groups of people communicating with one another usually on a beach where life is a little less inhibited. I shifted to dogs for this series for this simple reason. Across the street from where I live and paint, there is a dog park that was established shortly after I moved in. It’s basically a fenced in area where dogs can meet new friends, play and run free like they should without having to follow the rules (though there is a nice list for their masters posted on the fence.)

“One day, as I could hear the dogs bark, I realized that outside my door was an unlimited supply of new subject matter. If I could convey a sense of spirit among the “beach people,” I could do the same with the dogs. The dogs have so many different personalities and their mannerisms are priceless. Some are very outgoing while others are introverts. Like humans, they each choose their friends. Some have crushes on others. Most of them are comics. The best thing is that they come in all different sizes, shapes and colors. The juxtaposition of multiple dogs will create very intriguing shapes. That, along with critters running in every direction enables me to experiment with space in an unfamiliar fashion.

“Of course, I decided to place my dogs on the beach rather then the park. Why? Why not! Where I live, dogs are not allowed on the beach in summertime. I guess you could say that they’re engaging in illegal activities. I like that!”

Leslie S. Smith has spent her entire life on Martha’s Vineyard, either during the summers or year round. At the age of 10, she first studied at the Old Sculpin’ Gallery in Edgartown with Ruth Mead and then majored in Fine Arts at Hampshire College. Although diverted from the arts full time, with family and fishing, Leslie returned to pastels a few years ago. This is Leslie’s second year exhibiting at Gould. Leslie’s keen eye on the sky during her years on the water provides a platform for her pastels and oils. “Being on the water, you are always keeping an eye to the sky and it is always evolving. I hope to convey in my work how the sun and clouds, the wind and the fog all affect the colors and mood of a given scene. Nature is my inspiration.”

Please join us for the artists’ party and reception on Friday, August 1st, from 5-7pm.

The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main Street in Vineyard Haven. This event is open to the public. The gallery is open daily from 11-5pm and 12-5pm on Sundays. Please call for directions or with any questions to (508) 693.7373 or view the website map and show online at www.louisagould.com.

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