Christopher Pendergast, Jules Worthington, Robert Jewett, Maya Farber and Jeff P'an
New Works
Show Dates June 30 - July 20
Reception Saturday July 3,  5-7pm
(4th of July Weekend)

with Live Music by Wes Nagy

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Louisa Gould Gallery

54 Main Street

Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

(508) 693.7373

Press Release (Martha's Vineyard)

The Louisa Gould Gallery is pleased to present "Quintessential Vineyard,"featuring the works of Christopher Pendergast, Maya Farber, Jeffrey P'an, Robert Jewett, and Jules Worthington. The show runs June 30 through July 20, 2010. The opening reception is Saturday July 3, from 5 to 7pm (4th of July weekend). Come listen to live music and enjoy refreshments. The exhibition offers a balanced mixture of different art media: oils, glass, acrylic, and ceramics--a collective pleasure that draws upon all the senses.

Christopher Pendergast writes, "As a figurative painter I find that I see all things as an extension of ourselves." Born in 1976, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Christopher grew up traveling with his family. Attending school in Europe also exposed Christopher first-hand, at an early age, to the work of the old masters. Upon returning to the U.S., Christopher explored his passion for the arts at the Art Institute of Chicago.

In his latest works Christopher has looked for contradiction within the subjects themselves. A good example of this is in his massive oil painting, Edgartown Lighthouse, where the brightly lit subject can simultaneously be seen as incredibly physical, but also very flat. Brush strokes become much more important in this painting as well as being a means of echoing the conflict within a singular image. "By painting the conflict and complexity within the object itself I present a commentary in the complexity and conflict inherent to all man." Christopher engages the viewer with dynamic contrast between flat and volume, creating compelling and iconic works of art.

Maya Farber writes, "On a summer morning the brightly colored flowers of Edgartown catch the eye." Although born in Romania, Maya studied in the U.S. at Pratt Institute. She has had numerous exhibitions in Europe, Israel, and the United States.

Maya's floral paintings, her preferred theme, are inspired by her favorite gardens on both the East and West Coasts. There is an endless fascination with subtle shifts of hue and value. Maya captures the poetic and fragile beauty of a simple blossom, enabling the viewer to hold it forever.

Maya paints with acrylics, which are fast drying, thus allowing for the application of many layers in quick succession--a method very suitable for floral painting. The viewer will be drawn in to the bright, bold cheerful colors, for example, in her painting, Bouquet with Teapot and Summer.

Jeffery P'an is a nationally-acclaimed glass artist who has studied in Italy. With a keen eye, Jeffery has created some new, striking, dynamic, one-of-a- kind works. He fuses and blows glass mosaics into vessel forms, which serve as dual purposes as vase, art piece, and hanging or standing sculpture. At first glance, the viewer may see a patch-work quality to the designs. One can detect passion in each piece.

Also included in Jeffery's new works are stunning, vivid, glass sculptures. Jeffery is inspired by old-world techniques in the design of modern objects. Jeffery's technique imparts distinctive textures to the glass. Different colors react differently to the heat and each other, thus careful planning is crucial. Each glass work catches the eye with the dance of ever-changing light; the viewer can note the changes with pleasure.

Robert Jewett writes, "The key images in my art come from growing up on Martha's Vineyard." Robert's masterfully created ceramics are displayed in collections and museums. His style continues to change and develop. Robert studied with renowned potter, Warren Mackenzie, at the University of Minnesota, where Robert received an MFA in ceramics and sculpture. Since receiving his degree Robert has taught ceramics and shown his work in exhibitions and museums.

Jules Worthington, a plein air artist, is an Island favorite. For Jules, life is a continual learning experience. Jules has a preference for intense colors and simplified forms. He grew up in the studio of Thomas Hart Benton on the Vineyard and is influenced by his work. "I like to use strong dark and light along with hot and cool, playing them off against each other." Colors produce a corresponding spiritual vibration. Jules formally studied art at the University of Hawaii.

Please come celebrate with us and delight in the viewing. Show dates are June 30 to July 20, with a reception on Saturday July 3, 5-7 (4th of July weekend). Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main Street, in the historic town of Vineyard Haven on the island of Martha's Vineyard. Please visit our web site for directions

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