"Summer Splash - Color & Texture"
Carol Gove, Suzanne Hill, Ethel Grodsky, Margo Ouellette, Rachel Paxton,  Genevieve Jacobs, and Vaclav Vytlacil 

Show Dates June 13 - 27      
Reception Saturday June 16, 5 - 7pm
with Live Music by The Long Point 5
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(Martha’s Vineyard) Louisa Gould Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibit “Summer Splash – Colors & Textures” featuring works by Carol Gove, Suzanne Hill, Ethel Grodsky, Margo Ouellette, Genevieve Jacobs, Vaclav Vytlacil (1892-1984) and Rachel Paxton. The exhibit opens on June 13 and runs through June 26. The opening reception takes place on Saturday, June 16, from 5-7 pm. Please stop by the opening to meet the artists, to enjoy light refreshments, hear live music by Long Point 5, and celebrate the start of summer.

" Summer Splash – Colors & Textures”  is an exhibition of works representing a variety of media, including canvases, ceramics and mixed media works on paper, canvas, board and wood by artists from the Vineyard and from afar. Each of the works included in this exhibition explore the artists use of color, textures and/or patterns. These unique brightly colored and richly textured works of art offer a wide array of images and intricately detailed pieces.

Newcomers to the Island, Carol Gove and Ethel Grodsky present vibrant abstract works. Carol’s mixed media paper collages and her mixed media pieces on wood display her attention to detail and keen sense of composition. These collages range in size from small, intricate pieces to large-scale works. Ethel’s canvases touch on both realistic forms as seen in her work, “Repose” and her intensely colorful and thickly painted surfaces in her abstract works.

Also included in this exhibition are works by the noted abstract artist, Vaclav Vytlacil, a longtime resident of the Vineyard. Vytlacil was a student of Hans Hoffman and later taught contemporary artists, Robert Rauschenberg, Cy Twombly and other notable artists. His later works while on the Vineyard were known to have an oceanic theme, often included gulls, boats and fish, and were loosely painted.

The delightful collages of mixed-media artist, Genevieve Jacobs, incorporate images of birds, flowers and nature drawn from her love of the woods and the beaches here on the Vineyard. Genevieve is an avid collector of eggs, nests, rocks, skulls, and other unique items that she draws inspiration from in her finely detailed works.

Another mixed media artist from the Vineyard, Rachel Paxton, offers a fun & festive series of new works. These playful images incorporate fragments of maps, music and historical motifs in small, well-priced one of a kind treasures. These mixed media pieces can be used a single images or clustered together in two to four or more images.

Suzanne Hill, ceramic artist, has returned for this show with a collection of newly fired pieces using the technique called saggar firing, which combines pit firing and firing in containers of clay called saggars. The pots and vessels are placed in the saggars with various combustible materials from salt, metallic oxides, copper wire, seaweed to other materials packed around them, which create unique patterns on each.

The striking paintings by Margo Ouellette, a native American artist from the Vineyard, incorporates vibrant color and three dimensional elements. These new paintings on canvas and board evoke the colors of the sea and sky using chromatic abstraction. In addition, Margo's spin art rounds out this exciting show.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, June 16 from 5 -7 pm at the opening of “Summer Splash – Colors & Textures” and throughout the show. The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main Street in Vineyard Haven. For more information or directions, please call (508)693-7373 or visit our website at www.louisagouldgallery

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