Life, Nature and Hope in Africa
Show Dates: July 19 - August 1
Opening Reception Saturday, July 21, 6-8pm
Closing Reception Sunday, July 29, 4-7pm

Talk by Barbara Case, Thursday, July 19 at 6pm

This is a show of photography from various African nations by internationally acclaimed photographers; Carlo Mari, Guillaume Bonn, Beth O'Donnell and Harvey Wang. This is a fundraiser for NetsforLife®. 80% of the proceeds will go directly to provide malaria nets.
One net costs $12 which can be used by a family of four.
Results : 42 Photos

Photography for Nets

Life, Nature and Hope in Africa ” are the themes of the photography show opening on July 19th at the Louisa Gould Gallery. A lone zebra amidst a herd of wildebeest, an elephant's eyelashes, and engaging portraits, are among the images of the twenty-five works for sale. Proceeds benefit the “Nets for Life” campaign, a global partnership which provides education on malaria prevention and distributes treated mosquito nets to seventeen countries in Africa.

The show is curated by Barbara Case Senchak, a West Tisbury seasonal resident and national co-chair of the Inspiration Fund, a US grass roots arm of the “Nets for Life” partner, Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD).

My goal for this show is to increase awareness and offer an opportunity for people to contribute to one of today’s most uplifting global health campaigns. Vineyarders are no strangers to insect borne diseases; luckily, malaria isn’t one of them,” says Ms. Case Senchak. Of the million people who die each year from malaria, 90% are in sub-Sahara Africa and most are pregnant women and children under five.

While visiting ERD’s Nets programs in Zambia and Ghana, I learned of babies who were bitten while sleeping at night, unprotected. By morning, they were in a fatal malaria coma. The fact is that this can be prevented. The Ghanian doctor who runs ERD’s headquarters in Accra explained the success of the mosquito net when properly installed and monitored by trained, local volunteers. The results are rewarding. Since 2006, “Nets for Life” has distributed 8.5 million nets and saved 103,780 lives of children under five.”

I also witnessed how the prevention program mobilized and empowered local people,” she continued. “There is a whole ‘Net Culture’ that goes beyond a simple net; it inspires hope." Barbara will demonstrate the Net Culture on July 19 at 6pm at the Gould Gallery.

The show’s photographs include eclectic works by internationally acclaimed  photographers; Carlo Mori, Guillaume Bonn, Beth O’Donnell, Harvey Wang and island based Alan Brigish. With images of safari, animals, and people in daily life, “there is something for everyone,” says Ms.Case Senchak, "and the best part is that the price of the photo is equated with the number of nets it buys." With 80% of the proceeds going to the cause, at $12 a net, a $120 framed photograph buys 8 nets. “And, more importantly,” she adds “it will buy someone a life.”

" Life, Nature & Hope in Africa ", Louisa Gould Gallery, 54 Main Street, Vineyard Haven July 19-August 1. 508-693-7373 . On-line images:

CURATOR TALK AND RECEPTION: "Net Culture in sub-Saharan Africa", slide show, refreshments July 19, 6pm, Louisa Gould Gallery

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