Holiday Small Treasure Show
Group Show
Doug Kent, Donna Blackburn, Paul Beebe, John Holladay, Vitrix, Genevieve Jacobs, Maya Farber, Gray Park, Katie Prisco and more. 

Show Dates November 17 to January 1
Artist Reception Friday, November 23, 4-6pm
Closing Reception Saturday, December 29, 12-4pm
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The Louisa Gould Gallery is opening the annual holiday “Small Treasures” show featuring artists such as; Doug Kent, Donna Blackburn, Paul Beebe, Vitrix, Genevieve Jacobs, Gray Park, Maya Farber, Katherine Prisco, and more. The exhibit focuses on small affordable pieces from a variety of artists, which are perfect for gift giving not only for family and friends but coworkers or oneself as well. It will run from November 17 to December 24. The artist reception will be Friday, November 23, from 4-6pm. Come join us to kick off this holiday season with a festive artist reception full of new artwork, and holiday drinks and treats.

Always popular during the holiday season is Thomas P. Kelly of Vitrix glasswork. He will be showing small glass ornaments perfect as holiday decorations or for display all year round. Each shimmering piece is handcrafted and unique.

Another praised artist at the gallery is Vineyard local, Doug Kent. His rustic folk art is often times painted on various antique objects. He has exhibited around the world and is admired for the timeless quality to his pieces. His featured landscapes of the “Everglades” in the morning are magical and reminiscent of warmer days.

Donna Blackburn's notably detailed still lifes represent objects found in nature such as shells and fruit. A new subject for Donna is birds and for the Small Treasure show she has painted a delightful series of local birds found around the island. These vibrant and picturesque paintings can hang alone or go nicely as a grouping. “Chickadee in the Bittersweet” is an oil on masonite painting of a charming sunlit bird among delectable berries in warm light.

As well as Donna Blackburn's cold climate birds there are miniature paintings of parrots and other birds by Genevieve Jacobs. These personified birds would add a bright and charming character to any home.

Paul Beebe, another distinguished artist, is well known for his depictions of maritime scenery, which is abundant here on the Vineyard. His use of rich and dramatic colors in a limited palette enhance gleaming waters and luminous skies in his oil paintings. His piece, “Last Light at Katama,” illustrates his usage of bold color to intensify the elements.

John Holladay, also utilizes Vineyard settings to create colorful Vineyard landscapes. He uses many mediums and his style changes with them accordingly. The gallery will be showing his paintings using acrylic on board of macro landscapes of rock walls.

Gray Park's striking landscapes manifest the relationship between land and sea. These harmonious nature scenes offer a sense of tranquility and undisturbed pacifism. “Culminating Clouds” accentuates ethereal clouds and the serene marsh.

Maya Farber pays close attention to detail with her bold colors and brilliant gold leaf to enhance her petite still lifes of flowers and household objects. In her piece, “White Orchids”, the background is layered with shiny gold leaf which brings attention to the elegance of the flowers and provides a wonderful juxtaposition between the paint and gold leaf.

A new artist in the show is local artist, Kathy Poehler. Her unique seaweed collages use natural, local, Vineyard seaweed for her whimsical pieces. She started displaying her work to the public while teaching at Harvard University. She draws inspiration from the seaweed she collects and keeps it true to it's free form. “3 Mermaids” elicits tactual sensuality and demonstrates the seaweed's natural fluid movement.

Katherine Prisco, also new to the gallery is showing a series of black and white moody still life photographs captured digitally. These images involve a simplistic pairing of antique or household items emphasizing form. The piece entitled, “Deduction”, displays an illuminated egg on an old wooden spoon accentuating the contour and surface of the egg.

Overall the show provides a wonderful range of mediums and subjects for this holiday season including a wide range of hand crafted jewelry from Francesca Lewis Kennedy, sagger fired ceramics by Suzanne Hill and other small original artworks under $50. Small Treasures provides a range of island treasures that can be enjoyed (or savored) year round. We look forward to seeing you Friday, November 23, from 4-6pm for the opening of “Small Treasures”. The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main Street, Vineyard Haven. For more information please call us at (508) 693.7373 or visit our website at

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