Ship to Shore
Invitational Group Show: Len Mizerek ASMA, Anthony Davis ASMA, Paul Beebe ASMA, Bill Hanson ASMA, Bob Norieka AWS, Barbara Maiser ASMA, Jim Magner ASMA, Jane McGraw-Teubner PSA , Larry Johnston ASMA, and Neal Hughes ASMA

Show Dates: September 1 - November 1
Results : 20 Photos
PRESS RELEASE ( MARTHA'S VINEYARD): The Louisa Gould Gallery is delighted to announce a new show, 'Ship to Shore', which showcases the work of renowned maritime painters. The Louisa Gould Gallery started with mostly maritime work in 2003 and has always shown artworks of the sea and surroundings. The 'Ship to Shore' show will essentially replace the pinnacle Mystic Museum Art Gallery's International Invitational Show held annually in September in Mystic CT. The Mystic Museum Art Gallery has just closed permanently. Many of the works in this show were approved and vetted for the Mystic Show 2020. Please enjoy all of these works online, except for Paul Beebe's paintings which are on the gallery wall. In light of the late announcement the 2020 show will be online, however we are excited to have this be an annual show at the Louisa Gould Gallery on the Vineyard in the future. 

As works are posted, you may purchase art in advance of the September 1, opening date. 

More information will be included in this write up on each artist shortly.

The Louisa Gould Gallery is located at 54 Main Street in Vineyard Haven, MA on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The gallery is located a 1/2 block from the ferry. The gallery is 2,000sf with plenty of room for social distancing. The gallery is open daily to the public from 11am to 5pm and for private viewings at 10am or 5pm. Visit the online show at or call with any questions (508) 693.7373. 
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