Christie Scheele Solo Show | Arrivals
Show Dates: July 20 - September 20

Meet & Greet July 26, from 5 to 6pm

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PRESS RELEASE (MARTHA’S VINEYARD): The Louisa Gould Gallery is honored to announce the opening of a new solo show for Christie Scheele, Arrivals, at the Martha’s Vineyard gallery. Meet Christie at the gallery on Tuesday, July 26, from 5 to 6pm. The exhibit features a wide range of Vineyard seascapes and landscapes in a range of sizes.


Painter Christie Scheele celebrating 25 years of painting Martha’s Vineyard.

Having already been a devoted painter of the Cape shore and other locales in the NE, the artist was originally invited to Martha’s Vineyard to show with the Craven gallery after connecting with Carol Craven  in NYC.
“There is a tranquil intensity to vineyard light and views”, muses the artist. “I adore painting salt marshes, so Sengekontacket Pond has been a subject over and over in all weather, seasons, and times of day.
Since my work captures a feeling of expensiveness, the sea, beaches, dunes, and tidal creeks of the island draw me back year after year, season after season. And again, that glorious, famous light. “
The artist has found her island gallery home with the Louisa Gould Gallery, exhibiting since 2013.


“I explore power and beauty in both the landscape and the abstract elements of painting. I interpret images that hold meaning for me from personal experience as well as those that say something resonant about our planet. With the right atmospherics, anything and everything can reflect a powerful beauty---from smokestacks or headlights on a road to the timeless presence of salt marsh, sea, or mountains.” Christie Scheele has been painting devotedly since receiving her BFA from the College of Art and Design at Alfred University, which included a year on fellowship at the Royal academy in Madrid. She started painting her atmospheric, minimalist landscapes just before moving to the Catskills from New York City. These meditative pieces cross the boundaries between realism and the contemporary art world, reaching the viewer’s heart without sentimentality or melodrama. A full-time painter of many years, Scheele’s work has been collected nationally and internationally through galleries in the Hudson Valley, New York City, New Jersey, Oregon, Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod, and elsewhere around the nation. These collections include the Queens, the Samual Dorsky and the Tyler Museums of Art; the Provincetown Artists Association and Museum, American Airlines, Waterford Crystal, the Mayo Clinic, Kelsey Grammer, and Mark Ruffalo. Her work was featured in the films “Broken Flowers”


Louisa Gould says “Christie’s paintings are meditative and contemplative gems for your wall. Christie creates a soft-landing place for the viewer to breath, and be, to simply get lost in nature, be it a sea, marsh, or field. There is enough of a horizon line to hold the viewers attention but plenty of space to be with the landscape”.


The entire selection of works is available online at and at the gallery, which is located at 54 Main St., Vineyard Haven. Call (508) 693.7373 or email with any questions. The gallery is open daily from 11am to 5pm and by private appointment.

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