Louisa Gould - Hope
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Louisa Gould   Other works!
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2005, freedom
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Louisa Gould
Martha's Vineyard 2001
Limited Edition of 500
11x14 Matted Image with Black Frame $295
Image is available in other sizes and can be purchased with or without a frame.  Please inquire.
Freedom to Hope
The US was founded on hope, and many of the US Institutions, were put in place to protect hope, such as FDR’s Four Freedoms.  Essential social and political objectives described by President Franklin Roosevelt in his State of the Union message in January 1941: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear of physical aggression.  He called for the last freedom to be achieved through a “worldwide reduction in armaments.” In August 1941 he and Winston Churchill included the four freedoms in the Atlantic Charter. Encyclopedia Britannica 2005

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