Traeger di Pietro - Freedom #2
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Freedom #2
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Traeger di Pietro   Other works!
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2005, freedom
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Traeger di Pietro
Acrylic 21x30 Framed $750

When we are older so much is built up in our minds from battling the daily grind.  On the micro-scale we have the stress of our jobs, the bills to pay, the cat needs food, and the milk spoiled in the fridge because we drank it too slow.  On the macro-scale the United States of America  faces terrorist attacks on a daily basis and is at war with other nations.  We are also battling incurable diseases that are killing our loved ones everyday.  We all need a place where we can go that will set our minds free.  We need to set ourselves free physically and mentally.  We need to find our own time and place to feel and be free.  This representation of freedom is not only for the obvious reasons (as she is freed to run the field), but also in her reminiscent of when she was a child with no fears and no boundaries. - Treager di Pietro

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