Exhibitions 2009

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Portrait Paintings John Holladay & Louisa Gould

John Holladay and Louisa Gould
Show Dates December 26 to February 28
Opening Saturday December 27   4-6pm
with live music

Memorial Day Group Show

Group Show: Kate Huntington, John Holladay, Ovid Ward, Maya Farber, Caryn King, Laura Roberts, Leslie Smith, Howard Park, Jules Worthington, Ellen Liman & Louisa Gould
Reception Saturday May 23, 6-8pm
Live Music
Show Dates May 23 - June 30

Christopher Pendergast, Francesca Kennedy, Caryn King, Leslie Smith and Stephen Hart

Show Dates July 1 - July 21

Reception Sunday July 5th 5-7pm

Trunk Show Francesa Kennedy new jewelry line 1-5pm

Joan E. Kennedy and Ovid Ward

Reception Saturday July 25 5-7pm
 Live Music by Micheal Haydn

Show Dates July 22 - August 6

Gray Park, Jeanne Campbell, Ellen Liman & Robert Jewett

Reception Friday August 7, 5-8pm
Live Music by Don Groover

Demonstration by Plein air painter, Gray Park on
Saturday August 8th, from 3-5pm.

Show Dates August 6 - August 27

John Holladay, James Murray, Louisa Gould & Maya Farber

Reception Saturday August 15, 5-7pm
Live Music by Don Groover

Show Dates August 13 - September 3

Sporting Art - Art of the Derby

Reception September 26th 5-7pm

Book Signing by David Kinney
of "The Big One"
Saturday September 26th, 5-7pm

Vineyard Abstraction II

Deborah T. Colter, Louisa Gould, Jack Greene, Jeanne Campbell and Roberta Gross

Reception Saturday October 3  from 5 - 7pm
Show Dates October 2 - 18

Special Talk with quest curator Roberta Gross on Abstract Art
and Vineyard Abstraction II
Saturday October 10   from 5 - 6pm

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