Editorial, Commercial, and Private

Louisa is a creative image maker for advertisements, brochures and editorial pieces.  She enjoys thinking outside of the box in order to provide you with outstanding images.  Louisa Gould is a well rounded capable and easy to work with photographer.  She knows how to get the shoot done, quickly, efficiently and professionally.  Her private, commercial and editorial clients are more than satisfied with her work.  Please contact for a list of recommendations. "She goes out of her way to get the perfect shot every time.  Her enthusiasm and professionalism amplify her talent and eye for detail."  J. B. Lamont award-winning film editor

Louisa's nautical and travel photography is sought after for use by advertisers, editors and individuals.  Louisa has a wide-range of images.  Her body of sailing images is immense; ranging from classic yachts to the America's Cup 2003.   Louisa knows boats.  She has raced extensively.  She is either in a chase boat, driving the boat, sailing and shooting or in a helicopter. She directs the entire shoot to ensure every angle is taken.  Louisa shoots with Canon, both 35 mm and digital cameras, with top of line lenses, equipment and software. Clients receive professional pristine, editorial files ready for print.   In addition, Louisa has traveled to over 60 countries and captures the heart and soul of a place.  Louisa knows people.  She has an uncanny talent to capture the uniqueness of an individual on film. " I like people and enjoy life.  I enjoy my shoots.  Each and every shoot is different, I approach each shoot with fresh eyes and excitement." 

Louisa also writes on a variety of topics and provides images that fit the story. Louisa works with editors to create new stories and fresh angles.  Please contact to discuss your next editorial piece for newspaper or magazine.

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