Louisa Gould Photography Classes
Photography Instruction on Martha's Vineyard

Are you interested in photography or know someone who likes photography?  If your answer is YES, then take a photography lesson with Louisa Gould on the picturesque  island of Martha's Vineyard.  Louisa Gould conducts private, semi-private and group classes with either digital or 35mm cameras.  Many students start with an one or two hour initial class, then go home to  review photos and return for weekly and bi-weekly classes.  If you are interested in switching from your 35mm to digital Louisa will help you with the transition and get you started in Photoshop.  The classes are personally tailored between Louisa and the student(s).


Price for Private Lesson:$65 per hour (Adult) and $50 (15 and younger).  Group discounts apply.  Credit cards accepted.

Contact Louisa Gould at (508) 693- 7373 to schedule your class.

Above photos by student Nicole Shepherd, June 2005
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