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Adair Peck

Adair Peck has always found inspiration from the people and places that surround her. It has changed from living in the urban decay of the late 80's and early 90's East Village of New York City to the seaside beauty of Martha's Vineyard to the wide-open spaces of Montana.

Adair Peck grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Her mother, Fay Peck was a prolific artist. Fay inspired Adair and helped lay the foundation of the artist that she would become.

Adair Peck started her creative journey when she attended Boston University and where she was introduced to The German Expressionists and to The Mexican Folk Artists. Peck was drawn to the boldness of their colors and their personal struggles expressed on canvas and in murals. It was through this connection that inspired Peck to tell her own stories through her large paintings and woodcuts. After college, Peck made her way to NYC and it was her stories and observations of the hustle and bustle of Manhattan that made it onto the walls of The Off-Broadway theater, La MaMa as well as galleries nationwide.

Peck now lives in Bozeman, Montana where she and her husband have raised their three daughters. Since her days as a student in Boston, Peck has made it to Martha's Vineyard every summer. Surrounded by so much nature, her encaustic paintings and paper mache sculptures have become more about animals and vast landscapes. She is instinctively drawn to the breathtaking views of Montana's Rockies as she is to the serenity of Menemsha's marshes.

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