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Jeffrey P'an

Jeffrey P’an has been working with glass for 30 years. His approach to glassblowing is one of a kind, from concept to finished product. Meticulous and highly creative, Jeffrey has the ability to create stunning works of art in New England. Jeffrey has exhibited with Louisa Gould Gallery since 2006. By combining traditional glassblowing techniques with modern technology, Jeffrey is able to bring his vision in glass to light. 

Jeffrey’s approach reflects a design through production thinking that he saw first in engineering and design school, then first hand in the factories of Murano. While design and creation are distinct parts of the process he carries out both always thinking about the result for the client. Jeffrey takes a holistic approach to every step, through the very distinct aspects of production, re-design, and problem solving for complex installations and lighting. By controlling and considering every aspect of the piece from the formulation of glass and inventing new techniques to consideration of the intended environment and lighting. He achieves a purity of concept that focuses the main purpose of art in general, which is to communicate.
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