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Sean Roach

     I have worked with nearly every medium out there. My years of experience building Broadway theatrical sets and creating large commercial sculptures, has given me numerous opportunities to master working with a plethora of materials. With my new work, Iím making pristine oil paintings layered with every technique from old master to contemporary. I aim to capture the prismatic light seen on the horizons of Marthaís Vineyard where the ocean around us acts as an enormous mirror reflecting everything up into the sky from below. Each painting starts off with days of research, and study. Using only the highest quality materials in a calculated process, I build up each layer of the painting to maximize the radiance of the colors. My love of materials has also created a passion for working with wood. I meticulously build my frames to complement each painting. 

     I studied painting at Tyler School of Art, Temple University in Philadelphia. Shortly after graduating I put all of my focus into performance. I went on to become a successful television show host and co-producer of two TV shows called The Sunny Side Up Show and Noodle and Doodle, which aired on Sprout, NBC, as well as networks all over the world. Iím a comedic improviser and have been a
member of Comedy Sportz since 2007. I moved to Vineyard Haven with my wife and two children in 2017 and began focusing my career on creating art again.

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