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Jack Hornady

Jack Hornady spent much of his childhood on the coast of Connecticut climbing on rocks along the Long Island Sound and exploring the places where land meets sea. Later, he moved with his family to the Baltimore area where he discovered the beauty of Baltimore’s Mid Century past as
well as Baltimore’s vibrant art scene.

Hornady earned his BFA at Rhode Island School of Design, where he studied Illustration and painting. He uses foundational design elements (line, shape, color, texture, and balance) as tools for artistic composition and spatial relationships. Hornady’s work is influenced by American
Realism and Mid Century graphic design aesthetics. Whether working on location or in the studio, he strives to capture the way light interacts with structures in the landscape. The contrast of nature and humans’ influence
on the environment often informs his work. Subject matter include the areas people usually walk by without noticing or the quiet corners of our lives.

Hornady lives outside Washington D.C. in Maryland and paints daily. He teaches design at American University and has worked with local youth to encourage their creativity. His work has been featured in group shows nationally and can be found in corporate and private collections.

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