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Nick Paciorek

Artist Nick Paciorek travels the globe in search of inspiration for his vibrant paintings that uncover the essence of his chosen locales through his signature use of light and color. A lifelong urbanite, Nick has historically been drawn to large metropolitan areas for the interplay between kinetic figures, imaginative architecture and hard edges. But more recently, he's turned his brush to favorite spots for city dwellers to retreat: soft riverbanks, majestic peaks, and rocky shorelines. 

For the first time, Martha's Vineyard is the subject of Nick's attention. Approximately ten paintings of the island - ranging in size from 8" x 10" to 30" x 58" - are available exclusively at the Louisa Gould Gallery in Vineyard Haven. The initial works feature the singular cliffs of Gay Head and a fixture in Vineyard Haven's waterfront, the Black Dog Wharf, where he reveals a languid couple on a bench and a labrador on a beach, empty from an afternoon fetch.

Once the season is in full swing, Nick will return to Martha's Vineyard to expand his popular cafe series by painting some of the island's intimate outdoor dining spots. In these works, he'll focus less on the settings, and instead spotlight the figures' response to and in it. The stuff of stolen moments, he'll capture conversations unfolding, not just between light and color, but between individuals.

Most of Nick's Vineyard scenes were painted in the early morning. He likes that time of the day for its impact on the light and its play off the landscape. Unlike cities, where the rays are diffused by emissions from street lamps, buildings, and cars, off the water, it's pure and white. That phenomenon has called Nick to islands before, most notably Newport (Aquidneck Island) and Block Island in neighboring Rhode Island. And it will undoubtedly keep him coming back to Martha's Vineyard. 
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