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Nadia Mahfuz

Nadia Mahfuz - Artist Statement

In my work I explore and exploit the key elements of Classical Realism - form, edges, light and color in both natural and fabricated objects.  My formal training focused on subject matter considered naturally beautiful - a floral, a nude, a seascape,  or a portrait.   But as I matured as an artist I realized that capturing light,  and more importantly, beauty itself can be elusive.  In my search  I discovered the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi - finding beauty in things imperfect, an imperfection that is not always attached to a physical trait.  I began to explore space and light with objects that most would not consider beautiful unto themselves - yet a quiet beauty exists.  

Realism will always be my connection to my craft, but it is still an unexplored path for me.  

I was born and lived in the Boston Area for most of my life. Ten years ago I set out to find a space that I could live and work. I found 2500 square feet in an old mill in Rhode Island and designed and converted it into my interior design studio, art studio, and live space.  Consolidating my artistic world has allowed me great focus. 

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