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Robert Stickloon

I recently turned 74 years old and since last spring, retired from teaching drawing and painting at Penn State University Schuylkill Campus after 35 years. Now I work at my art totally uninterrupted.  As an art student myself beginning back in 1970 working on a B.S. in art education at Kutztown University in PA. Since then I earned a M.Ed. from Kutztown and a M.F.A. from Idaho State University in 1981. Since then my art has evolved through many phases. All of which may be viewed in my galleries here on this website.
I've never apologized for being a total formalist. My work is "about" nothing but addressing the basic elements and principles of design. My subjects are chosen for the drawing challenges that they offer. I sometimes laugh to myself that I am still trying to get my Drawing  I  assignments right. The fascination for me, which fortunately continues, is that all I'm doing is applying patches of various values of black and white to a surface and Wow! look at that; they wind up being a solid, weighty mass of an object in space.

Although both wet and dry medium pieces may initially be perceived as merely black and white, I strive to achieve another dimension to the value scale of the rendering by pushing the warm and cool properties of the materials through their selection and handling. I'll also stretch out the spectrum of the lights to darks beyond to what they actually appear in life in order  to give the subject a greater presence.
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