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Kevin Gilmore

Kevin Gilmore's interdisciplinary art practice is positioned at the fringes of both visual abstract painting, installation, and electroacoustic sound compositions. He works in a variety of mediums including oil or acrylic on canvas, collage with mixed media and found papers, field recordings, generative systems with modular synthesis, installations and live sound performance. The process of creating in the studio adheres to a commitment of employing improvisational elements, allowing the mediums to remain fluid. Just as the abstract paintings or collages rely heavily on strong visual compositions, the sound projects are similarly composed.  Inquiries in his studio practice have raised questions of how his work is experienced by the viewer(listener.) Through the development of a listening practice, the quiet contemplative surfaces and compositions on canvas have begun to emerge successfully like longer format audio soundscapes. Letting the sounds emerge within a given space through a specifically designed installation allows the temporal nature of sound to exist naturally, quietly while allowing the viewer(listener) to become aware of their own experience of listening in the process.  The same can be applied to Gilmore's abstract visual work.

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