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Francesca Kennedy

Francesca Kennedy is a metal and jewelry artist, whose work is deeply influenced by the natural world, and by the terrain of Northern California, Martha’s Vineyard and the Pacific Northwest. She has been a featured artist with Louisa Gould Gallery since 2013.  She previously designed custom clothing & accessories for Wilkes Bashford, Neiman-Marcus and numerous fine stores, as well as work for independent films and rock and roll bands. Fossils, specimen stones, and unusual pearls are at the foundation of her design. All materials are ethically sourced.
Each piece starts with a story, or a response to the materials that directs the design. Equally important is the person who wears them, as they bring their own unique energy and stories to the pieces. Jewelry has always had magical, talismanic properties., and the relationship between the piece and the person is endlessly interesting
and divine.
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