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Sally Ann Martone

Sally Ann Martone came into this world as an artist.  Martone has grown with her education and honed her  skills throughout the years. Martone graduated from Bryant University and the Rhode Island School of Design.  Martone has enjoyed medical and scientific illustration with published work.  Martone is an award-winning watercolorist who has spent time studying with signature artists from the American Watercolor Society; namely,  Frank Webb, Arne Westerman, Alex Powers, Alvaro Castagnet, Ted Nuttal  an d Janet Rogers to name a few.  Martone’s professional affiliations include the New England Watercolor Society,  Providence Art Club,  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators,   Rhode Island Watercolor Society and the Wickford Art Association.

  Personal Statement:  “Never satisfied, always seeking”!  Oh my, truer words never spoken.  I am, a from the heart kind of painter/artist, experimenting in various mediums to achieve the ultimate expression.  Many times disappointed and occasionally ecstatic.  As artists I think we “never stop exploring the possibilities” but tend to return to our comfort zones which may not be such a great idea.  We have to grow, not stay in one place!

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