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Michaele Christian

Michaele presents a body of work that she has created over the past decade, from her plant silhouettes composed as monotypes or collages to the black shapes suggesting landscape . Her art work demonstrates her process of layering different colors and/or images, with an emphasis on composition and values. The common theme which runs throughout is her love of and interest in nature- real or imagined.

Layering is a unifying theme for many of my pieces. While all are monotype prints or monoprints, many have different layers of color, texture and/or images applied by overprinting immediately, while the original paint is wet,
or later after it has dried. Some are collages of monotypes and others have other multimedia elements layered in as well. Some have had elements added intermittently over
many years. Often, I work in color, but I also like black and white because it really draws attention to composition and light. Subject matter is drawn from the natural beauty that surrounds us here on the Vineyard but also from the political and social environments in which we live and the moods and feelings that all of those evoke.
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