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Peggy Turner Zablotny

Time...1961    Place...Media, Pennsylvania    Age...13

I was reading the June 1961 issue of National Geographic with an  article about Martha's Vineyard when I realized I wanted to be there, work there and create there. It seemed perfect.

When I met Steve at the Philadelphia College of Art, I told him there  was someplace I needed to go.  In 1972 we did, coming back every chance we had, in 1983.

When the seller pointed to the adjacent piece of empty land and told  us that it came with the house... that did it!

Really a dream come true...there it was the possibility of a garden as a  work of art. And because of that garden  what I love to do.

My love of art, design, nature and gardening has become my unique form of creative expression.  I design and garden on Martha's Vineyard creating botanical compositions from plant materials and  flowers that I grow and collect.

My botanical compositions are about my  experience  and pleasure of discovery... the joy of transforming  inner revelations into visual statements of form, color and texture.

For me, it's about searching, looking  and  seeing these discoveries and  understanding how amazing the world is right in front of us each and everyday.

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